"Too young, too dumb to realize"

Arifah Khoirianti. Riri.
not sweet, not cool & sixteen

"Cause my heart breaks a little when i hear your name"

"I hope He boughts me flowers, I hope He held my hands"


“Hey I just met you, & this is crazy. But here's my archives, so click here maybe?”
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Senin, 22 April 2013 || 02.52

to realize that I have been replaced
and you were here but you're just so far
you and me were a stranger.

to realize that i was meaningless
i don't know what to do
when you walked around.
just bite my tongue instantly.

you don't even look at me.
oh my apology i forgot that was invisible.
i'm not belong you.

don't you hear my heartbeats?
calling your name. you're not listening.
when you busy.
you keep in running

you hate your sweat, i love your sweat.
your sweat. when you are running to me.
you are looking for me. you're just sweating.
but it was all yesterday.

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