"Too young, too dumb to realize"

Arifah Khoirianti. Riri.
not sweet, not cool & sixteen

"Cause my heart breaks a little when i hear your name"

"I hope He boughts me flowers, I hope He held my hands"


“Hey I just met you, & this is crazy. But here's my archives, so click here maybe?”
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online shop- Berrybenka ;A;
Rabu, 15 Mei 2013 || 06.42

IDR 165.000 IDR 156.750
yang banci diskon~

IDR 198.000
Fancy your style with this framing bags. The picture will be different on each model. You can input your own picture!
kyaaa! bisa diisi gambar sendiri. aku pengen.................

IDR 40.000
edgy nemen

IDR 85.000
A unique necklace made from multiple beads & peacock feathers crafted beautifully on a chain, finished off with lobster claw clasp.

IDR 85.000

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